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Shock Absorbers

The choice of Pneumatis shock absorbers to economically extend your vehicle over the miles.

The wide range of Pneumatis shock absorbers offers your trucks, coaches and buses, tractors and other industrial vehicles: durability and adaptability.

In addition, comfort and road holding are thus improved, allowing use on all roads, whatever the conditions.

The + Tires  

  • Easy and economical replacement

  • Performance and comfort

  • Road vibration protection

  • Longevity over the miles

''There is no compromise between performance and handling''.


One of the widest range of air cushions in France, at your place in 24 hours*

From cab cushions to semi-trailer suspension and tractor shock absorbers, Pneumatis offers a range of solutions covering all makes and models on the road transport market.

Our available stock allows you to be delivered as soon as possible, with no minimum order (24h*).

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