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An air cushion, what is it?

The centerpiece of the damping system, the air cushion is placed at the level of the shock absorber and guarantees a certain stability and handling. Indispensable for heavy weights, it is imperative to choose them well.

The air cushion allows the structure to levitate so that it does not hit the ground due to the heavy load it might be carrying.

Beyond the guarantee of road holding, the air cushions offer real protection to the goods transported. So, regardless of the state of the road surface and weather conditions, the driver will not feel any vibration.

How to choose the right air cushion?

The part is chosen according to the character of the vehicle and its use. Thus, it is essential to know your vehicle well so that you can choose the most suitable cushions.

The qualitative choice of air bags depends on the use of the vehicle: for a truck traveling 300,000 km a year, the performance of the air bags must be doubled.

Finally, the choice of air cushions must also be made in conjunction with the average weight of the loads transported as well as the weight of the vehicle. 

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