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The mirrors ensure optimum visual coverage for operators of long and high machines. To avoid blind spots and ensure more thorough control of your vehicle, equip your vehicles with quality mirrors designed by professionals and compatible with many vehicle models.

To drive in complete safety and to avoid any unexpected collision with people or objects, it is necessary to equip your vehicle with visual assistance optimized by exterior mirrors. They ensure wide visibility on all blind spots of the vehicle and with high precision.

Accompanied by diversified and robust mountings to face all road situations and weather conditions, our mirrors are built to last.

Mudguards: use and advantages

Mudguards, curved plates covering the tires of a vehicle, prevent all the materials that would be projected (mud, gravel, water, etc.) by the wheels from coming up and splashing the driver himself or the various road users. the road.

They can be made of many materials such as metal, steel or even plastic.


The first advantage of a trailer mudguard is to protect the vehicle from materials thrown by the wheels, thus preventing it from getting dirty.

In addition to this, the mudguards prevent other road users from being invaded by the projections.

The wheels of heavy goods vehicles being large, projections can be dense and cause damage to other road users.

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