An adapted structure, where our clients’ projects are our priority

Pneumatis, the company: financial service, technical and sales service, quality control service, engineers and technicians …

Our team is set up to best integrate the different sectors and support functions that are indispensable to the design, manufacture, quality and sale of Pneumatis products; strategic monitoring and follow-through, management of the company and its development. For greater reactivity, the company is located in the Yvelines department, close to our clients’ decision-making centres.

A measure of our quality: Pneumatis meets the requirements for and is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Our technicians and engineers oversee the verification of our products to guarantee the best possible service for our clients.

At each step of the process, we deploy the highest quality possible to comply with the ISO 9001 standard, an essential guarantee for us and for our clients.


Suspensions for your applications: moving equipment, tractors, trailers and tractor-trailers, wagons and buses, and cab and seat applications.

A partner in your day-to-day industrial vehicle operations, Pneumatis offers you a range of air cushions and membranes.

Pneumatis’ products are the ideal solution for your heavy trucks, buses and other industrial vehicle fleets.

The Pneumatis Difference

  • Easy and economical spare parts

  • Easy loading and unloading adjustments

  • Protection against road vibration

  • Longevity

“The choice of Pneumatis products is a guarantee of serenity for your vehicle fleet”.



The widest range of air cushions in France, delivered to your doorstep in 24hours*

From air-suspended cab cushions for tractor-trailers to shock absorbers for tractors, Pneumatis can offer you a range of solutions covering all makes and models on the road haulage market.

Our available stock means it’s possible to deliver rapidly, without a minimum order, (24 hours*).


The Pneumatis range of shock absorbers to economically extend your vehicle’s lifespan over the distance.

The wide range of shock absorbers Pneumatis can offer for your trucks, buses, tractors and other industrial vehicles: durability and adaptability.

In addition, comfort and road handling are improved, allowing use on all roads, regardless of conditions.

The Pneumatis Difference

  • Easy and economical spare parts

  • Performance and comfort

  • Protection against road vibration

  • Longevity over the distance

“There is no compromise between performance and road handling”.

Pneumatis has developed a range of accessories: mud guards, rear-view mirrors, lighting, seats.

Pneumatis’ rear-view mirrors comply with highway standards.

Discover the extent of our range of seats, with all options possible!

As for fenders and mud guards, you will benefit from Pneumatis’ quality and our 30 years of experience in this market.

We have a new range of products in the lighting sector. Contact us for further information.

The Pneumatis Difference

  • Easy and economical spare parts

  • Products that meet highway standards

  • Good road handling in different climate conditions (high and low temperatures, ozone, ultra-violet)

  • Availability of spare parts

''Pneumatis shares the benefits of its expertise with you''.



Because quality comes through technology

Pneumatis works closely with a network of qualified professionals. For the past 25 years, Pneumatis has developed and positioned specific equipment with its partners, each of which has specific, unique skills and know-how in its sector:

  • Weaving

  • Crimping

  • Stamping

  • Cutting

  • Extrusion

The sum of these complex technologies results in a product with considerable added value.

An integrated design office

Present in France, in the very heart of our company, Pneumatis’ Design Office uses the most recent tools, qualified engineers, and quality control experts.


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